MusicPath Mission

The mission of MusicPath is to open new distance education and music performance opportunities for music institutions, instructors, students, composers and performers through the elimination of geographic barriers.

CANARIE's mission is to accelerate Canada's advanced Internet development and use by facilitating the widespread adoption of faster, more efficient networks and by enabling the next generation of advanced products, applications and services to run on the backbone of the CA*Net4 research network.

The purpose of the MusicPath project is to take a bold step forward and provide innovative network uses enhancing musical learning and performance capability in remote locations. A world's first, the integration of high-quality acoustical sound reproduction and videoconferencing allows teachers, students and musicians to experience learning interaction of the same quality as if they were in the same room.

The MusicPath project has four main objectives:

  • Creating a nationwide/international network of remote music learning, music performance and examination.
  • Enabling hands-on experience with music artists for students in public schools as part of their curricular studies.
  • Remote, shared master classes for music schools, colleges and universities.
  • Opportunity to provide specialized training/certification for music teachers.

Master level music artists are rare, and access to that talent is often limited by the expense and time of travel. However, if an artist could eliminate those geographical barriers through a national or international network, then opportunities for music education, performance and cultural exchange become available in rural areas as well as between major urban performance facilities.








he new innoative approach of MusicPath will affect users in the area of both learning and performance. In the area of learning, students on one campus could hear and directly interact with a master from another campus as the Yamaha Disklavier piano used in both locations produces piano sounds entirely acoustical, with all keys and pedals moving. Every nuance of the rich tradition of classical performance via a highly refined MIDI protocol, a completely natural environment of artistic exchange without reliance on amplification or synthesizing equipment is being created at both locations, and in real time. In order to participate in any project, users would need to have access to a digital acoustic instrument, and a broadband network.

MusicPath incorporates solutions to the technical issues of MIDI over networks such as bandwidth needs, latency, jitter and sound quality. Because the acoustical environment is critical for traditional teaching, the use of the digital acoustic piano provides an exciting atmosphere in which pedagogical opportunities will blossom.

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